Sharp Fitness


We offer Personal Training in Sutton from SP Athletic gym. You should look into Personal Training if you are serious about making lifestyle changes, not if you are looking for a quick fix. Whether you are new to exercise, returning after a break or a seasoned pro, we offer 1-1 Personal Training in Sutton and we will give you the motivation, expertise and accountability you need to reach your goals. 


Personal Training is perfect for you if you are new to exercise and not sure where to start, looking for supervision to make sure you are exercising safely and correctly, looking for a new challenge or working towards a set event, struggling with motivation or believe you may struggle to stick to a plan on your own, looking for a specific plan due to an injury, illness or condition or maybe just bored with the same old workouts and need some fresh ideas. 


Our Personal Training clients receive unlimited support, understanding and guidance to help you reach their goals. Sharp Fitness clients also receive the opportunity to exercise in a judgement free environment, workout plans completely tailored to their needs, nutrition advice, plans and tips to assist their training and online guidance to keep you on track between sessions.


If you are not sure where to start, we offer a free 1 hour body transformation session. All you need to do is complete the link below and we will give you a quick call back to discuss how we can help you. 


You may be invited for a free 1 hour body transformation session ( normally worth £100) which will help you understand more about exercise, mindset and nutrition. We’ll give you loads of free help, tips and advice and if we think you’ll be a good fit for one of our Personal Training plans we may make you an offer to work together. There’s no obligation to sign up to anything or hand over any money!