Sharp Fitness


Sean McGullion is the founder of Sharp Fitness. Sean is Nutrition Expert, Online Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer in Sutton, Surrey.

“My love of sports and fitness began when I was very young, I’ve always enjoyed participating, watching and coaching anything to do with sport and from an early age I was always determined to pursue a career in health and fitness.

I’ve been in the industry since 2009 and in that time have carried out over 12,000 fitness consultations and every new person brings a new challenge! Nothing is more satisfying than seeing people grow in confidence having reached and surpassed their goals that they may have never felt possible.

In 2015 I achieved my dream of starting my own Personal Training company and created Sharp Fitness. I enjoy working with anyone that is passionate about improving their lifestyle and love to help them get the results that matter to them.”

Sean’s Story

“After being diagnosed with 2 slipped discs in my lower back in my early 20’s I was left in constant pain. I was unable to play football, run or exercise how I wanted to, so my motivation and energy levels were at an all time low. The rehab work I was doing wasn’t working and I was terrified at the prospect of going under the knife for spinal surgery.

My mood was really low and I was feeling stressed which meant I wasn’t sleeping well, eating badly and gaining weight. Due to my injury, I couldn’t just go running every day to lose weight so it was at that point I decided I needed to do something about it.

I started working with a Personal Trainer who helped me to understand more about nutrition and how motivation for exercise affects our results. My Personal Trainer made me feel more accountable and made sure I was doing my rehab work at home as well as my sessions in the gym.

I’m pleased to say that these days I very rarely get any issues with my back, I’m playing football again, running and doing all the things I love whilst being pain free and happy. I feel the whole experience has given me a much greater understanding of my client’s mindset, motivation and feelings towards exercise and nutrition.”

Sean McGullion – Personal Trainer in Sutton, Surrey

Sean’s Qualifications

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Nutritional Therapist
Boxercise Instructor
Advanced Boxercise Personal Trainer
Specialist in Football Performance
Level 3 Leisure Management
Level 1 Football Association Coach